Workshop on Operator Theory,
Complex Analysis, and Applications
IST, Lisbon, July 11-13, 2012


             I. Chalendar      Modern approaches to the invariant subspace problem    

             J. Partington      Delay systems     

             S. Treil              Corona, operators and complex geometry


             C. Benhida        Quasinilpotent equivalence and spectra of upper triangular operator matrices

             J. Bracic            Sets of operators determined by the numerical range

             G. Corach         Some Procrustes problems in Operator Theory

             C. Diogo           Almost periodic Riemann-Hilbert problems, Toeplitz operators and the table method

             A. Karlovich       The Cauchy singular integral operator on weighted variable Lebesgue spaces

             A. Katavolos      Spectral Synthesis and Operator Synthesis

             L. Kérchy          Unitary asymptotes and quasianalycity

             M. Mbekhta       Additive preservers of the ascent, descent and related subsets

             V. Muller           Spectral theory in max algebras

             L. Oliveira          Reflexive operator algebras and the Hahn--Banach theorem revisited

             A. Perälä           The index formula of Douglas for Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces

             S. Pott             On Toeplitz products on Bergman space

             M. Ptak             Power partial isometries and hyperreflexivity

             J. Sarkar           ​Operator theory on symmetrized bidisc

             F.-O. Speck       Some boundary value problems in conical Riemann surfaces

             E. Strouse        Truncated Toeplitz operators as a model?

             F.H. Szafraniec  "Subnormality and cyclicity" in the negative

             D. Timotin         Factorization of analytic self-maps of the upper half-plane

             J. Virtanen         Hankel operators on Fock spaces


             W. Młocek         Reflexivity of the Toeplitz operators on the Hardy space of the upper half-plane

             M. Wojtylak      On a class of H-selfadjont random matrices with one eigenvalue of nonpositive type